Carol Ann Kates 

Born the daughter of a simple grocer, Carol Ann Steele Kates grew up in the corner market environment, living and breathing the grocery business. Over the years, Ms. Kates learned how to select superior products much like other children learn the alphabet. She garnered her most valuable lesson about cooking from her father. Great food begins with shopping. The quality of ingredients used when preparing a meal is just as important as the recipe.

Spending the majority of her adult life owning and operating supermarkets and delis in Northern Colorado, Ms. Kates gained invaluable insight into the culinary preferences of the average American and expertise in the preparation of these dishes. This background earned her the title "the authority on ingredient shopping." She can maneuver her way through a supermarket, select the most delectable products, and prepare a savory meal.

Her cookbook, Secret Recipes from the Corner Market, is a practical and usable collection of recipes in which she shares insider tips about food. Developed for her customers to give them creative ways to use everyday products found in a supermarket, these family-tested, customer-approved recipes became a popular item to clip and try.

Ms. Kates attended the University of Washington where she received a degree in anthropology. This training brings a cultural approach to her cookbook, giving her customers very personal advice about shopping--the same advice one used to get when one patronized a mom-and-pop establishment. She also takes her readers back in time with a sprinkling of historical tidbits about food as well as the changes in the grocery shopping experience.

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